User manual – KeyShowX 2.2 (Web Version)

KeyShowX 2.2 Initial configuration KeyShowX is a simple, yet powerful, tool for making multi-screen presentations, shows and digital signage. It is a companion product for Apple Keynote and Microsoft PowerPoint. Consider it as a universal, flexible and scriptable remote control unit for simultaneous execution and synchronisation of multiple presentations running on different computers. In addition

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KeyShowX in movies and TV shows

Visual Alchemy is one of the oldest customers of KeyShowX and they have adopted it for various multi-screen setups during the filming of movies and TV shows. Mike Sime, owner of Visual Alchemy shared with me list of his production projects, where KeyShowX was in use: Movies: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 The Wolf of Wall

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KeyShowX in Guggenheim and DMNS

This is something from not so distant past… I’d like to share two stories about very creative use of KeyShowX. First story is about Guggenheim museum in New York. Back in 2009, KeyShowX was used to sync multi-screen projection for an amazing Scent Opera! You can read more about show from the original New York

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Madison Metropolitan School District Planetarium

Madison Metropolitan School District Planetarium has been open since 1966! I am very proud that during the past few years KeyShowX is in active use in Planetarium’s Multimedia Theatre, managed by Geoff Holt, Planetarium Director. Thanks, Geoff!

KeyShowX in Glennis Grace concert

3D Hologram Roadshow Featuring Glennis Grace with KeyShowX