KeyPenX – Control Microsoft PowerPoint with Surface Pen.

Download trial version (4MB):

Buy now with PayPal: 4.99 Euro (+VAT in EU countries)

System requirements: Microsoft Surface device, Surface Pen, Windows 10 Anniversary Update, full desktop version of PowerPoint 2013 or 2016.

Will it work with non-Surface devices and pens? As long as your device and pen are supported in Windows Pen Settings, you should be able to use KeyPenX. Please, download trial version and experiment.

No installation required, just download ZIP file, unblock it, unpack and configure new Pen shortcuts. Trial version displays reminder dialog every few clicks.

Why KeyPenX

There are several good scripting solutions and applications similar to KeyPenX for controlling PowerPoint with Surface Pen top button. However, KeyPenX is unique – it is the only application which allows you to define what happens when PowerPoint is not running. For example, you have assigned PowerPoint controlling actions to Surface Pen button shortcuts and successfully run your presentation. But what if you want OneNote assigned to single click when you are not running presentations? Do you have to go back to system Pen settings and re-assign shortcuts? No, with KeyPenX you can assign secondary actions which will be used when PowerPoint is not running.

How to configure

In Windows Explorer right-click on downloaded ZIP file and choose Properties. In the Properties dialog select Unblock checkbox:

This step is needed, because KeyPenX executable files are unsigned and by default Windows has security restrictions for executable files downloaded from Internet.

After unblocking ZIP file, extract it’s content. Here is extracted folder structure:

and inside PenShortcuts sub-folder there are three PowerPoint action files. These three files a non-visual executable commands, which you will later associate with Pen shortcuts: single click, double-click and long-press:

Launch KeyPenXSetting.exe and follow instructions how to assign new actions to your Surface Pen clicks:

It is really up to your preference, which action should be assigned to which Pen shortcut. For example, your system’s Pen settings might look like this:

Remember about unique aspect of KeyPenX – you can assign secondary action for each Pen shortcut and basically define what happens when PowerPoint is not running. You can choose between several options, like starting OneNote:


or any other windows command or application, just like in system Pen settings:


If you choose OneNote, remember that unfortunately it will not start under the lock screen, only Microsoft can do that 🙂 However, you can always keep one of the Pen shortcuts for default system behavior like OneNote (including running under the lock screen), or Windows Ink Workspace.