KeyShowX: Control multiple Apple Keynote or Microsoft PowerPoint presentations in precise sync – Movies, TV shows, events, exhibitions, museums.

KeyShowX is a simple, yet powerful, tool for making multi-screen presentations, shows and digital signage. It is a companion product for Apple Keynote and Microsoft PowerPoint on MacOS. Consider it as a universal, flexible and scriptable remote control unit for simultaneous execution and synchronization of multiple presentations running on different computers. In addition you can also control Apple DVD Player and QuickTime Player. Read more about setting up and using version 2.2.

If you are interested in trying out KeyShowX for your show, please contact us at:

support @

If you are interested in buying KeyShowX, we offer Site License for unlimited simultaneous installations of KeyShowX Controllers and Clients within 1 km radius. Site License: 99€ (+VAT in EU). We are using PayPal invoices.

Supported macOS: 10.7 – 10.14 and associated QuickTime Player and Apple DVD Player

Supported Apple Keynote: Version 5.x, 6.x and higher. Make sure to always specify version 6 in KeyShowX Client, even if your Keynote version is higher.

Supported Microsoft PowerPoint: Office for Mac 2011 or higher. Latest PowerPoint might have problems with remote file opening. The rest of functionality is working properly.

On MacOS Mojave or Catalina, make sure to allow KeyShowX Client access to Keynote, PowerPoint, System Events etc in security dialogs which should appear after receiving corresponding commands.

Both KeyShowX applications (Controller and Client) are self-signed. In order to avoid your macOS security settings blocking KeyShowX, you should right-click application icon and select Open menu:

Confirm in security dialog that you allow opening KeyShowX:


We make customized versions of KeyShowX for media and FX companies, supporting your unique combination of various hardware and software setups on stage, movies and TV sets, museums and events.

We also make re-branded versions of KeyShowX if you would like your brand and logo to be prominently visible at media installations, like this:

Please, direct customization requests for KeyShowX at support@